2018 AIDS Walk/5K Run

Wayne's World

A Message from Wayne's World 

Wayne Fette was a wonderful man and an early and longstanding supporter and advocate for HIV/AIDS services. This was an issue that was close to his heart, and this team is named Wayne's World in honor of him and his work in this area.

HIV/AIDS is an issue that is also close to the hearts of the team members. By participating in this year's event, this team hopes to raise awareness and extra funds for critical programs that support people directly impacted by HIV/AIDS in Maine.

We know that there are many, many great causes and organizations out there. We realize that you support one, or, more likely, more than one of them, and that this is a time of donor burn out.

Still, if you can, please support this cause by making a donation today. Please know that a donation of any size makes a BIG difference and helps Frannie Peabody to perform many crucial tasks that have enormous impact. 

Either way, thanks from Wayne's World for your time and consideration.




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